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An intimidating tenant

Alabama Our problem is a long story and fairly complicated. Both my boyfriend and I had the same landlord though we each had seperate apartments.He harassed me about the dog, complained about the dog and basically was generally unpleasant about any repairs on the house (none of which were resulting from anything the dog did).Lawyers have an ethical obligation to follow the law, and cannot encourage a tenant to pursue a course of action that is not justified.Chances are, the attorney will speak to you more respectfully, making it easier to resolve the problem. In all likelihood, there is no attorney, and the threat is empty.We have been having problems with the flat below us (only ground and first...We have been having problems with the flat below us (only ground and first floor flats in complex).There is a middle aged woman who lives alone and has decided to take it upon herself to make our tenancy as uncomfortable as possible for us.

I lived at my residence for 3 years and he has had this one for over 5 years. When I signed my lease at my old apt my landlord said that it was ok if I had the dog (a GSD) as long as I paid a pet deposit, which I did.If a tenant threatens you with legal action, ask to speak with the attorney they claim is representing them.Get the lawyer’s phone number and give them a call.These tenants are trying to intimidate the landlord in order to keep a security deposit, live rent-free or otherwise violate the lease agreement.Landlords don’t have to tolerate harassment, intimidation or threats from tenants.

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The tenant paid the landlord in full for the 2008 rent, but sought to renegotiate the amount of future rent after the 2008 harvest.

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