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Starting with version 3.1, Open Clinica uses the ISO 8601 standard date format as its canonical representation for dates and partial dates.

An Open Clinica DATE is a string with year, month, day separated by a “-“which is the ISO8601 standard date format and all dates are stored internally in this format.

Also abbreviations used on census records - since they are generally and most generally used or copied over itnto a genealogy database.Isomorphic Algorithms (better known as ISOs) were a race of programs that spontaneously evolved on the Grid, as opposed to being created by users.Their existence was considered a miracle by Kevin Flynn; however, Clu considered them be an obstruction in his mission to create the perfect system.In versions 3.0.x and earlier, the Open Clinica canonical date format for internal storage of CRF item data values is MM/DD/YYYY, while for other fields (such as date of birth or enrollment date) it was ISO 8601.This approach limited the consistency of dates and partial dates and is not a universally recognized format.

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ISOs differed from Basic programs in their appearance and capabilities, but their uniqueness lay in their code base.

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