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Dating show with pauly d

’s Famously Single."If I wasn’t still in contact with them, I could probably spill a lot of dirt," Salsano says of the couple.

"But you love and respect people, and so you take what you know, and you keep it.

"You'll see on the show we had a really really strong connection right from the jump," he revealed.

"It was an automatic connection, just a bond, a friendship and we could just relate to each other and stuff like that.

Ron Ron, however, kept a much lower profile and actually returned to working in real estate. We went through 'Jersey Shore' together, we went through a lot of times and stories and adventures that we'll never share with anybody else," Magro-Ortiz told Too Fab.

She practically wanted to be around him all the time and it did cause some issues for the two of them on the show.

It pretty much went without saying from 2009 to 2012 our calendars were marked with every episode of Jersey Shore.

And since it's been off the air for some time now, we can't help but wonder what... The 36-year-old DJ, who rose to fame on the reality show Jersey Shore, looks almost unrecognizable in recent pictures — and we can't help but wonder if plastic surgery is to...

I’ll never tell.” She remarks that the Jersey alums consider her to be something like their "weird mom or crazy aunt."Salsano also has kind words for Courtney Stodden, who costarred on Salsano's series The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition, which aired earlier this year on Lifetime.

Salsano tells Us that she is “fascinated” by the nature of Stodden’s marriage to Doug Hutchison, a man 34 years her elder who has had a complicated relationship with Stodden's mother.

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