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launched an artificial intelligent assistant (read: not human, non-corporeal) in 2014 to schedule meetings. One result no one expected: Someone asked Amy on a date nearly every month in 2015., its team of AI interactive designers had settings in place to deal with such a romantic gesture, even if they didn't anticipate humans would try to sweetly hold its intangible creation in their arms.

The AI assistant has been programmed to respond politely to a pool of requests that assume it is a human, such as: "Will you be joining us on the call?

Right now, most of's clients choose to call their bots Amy, but Andrew is quickly catching up, said. You can corner it with questions, but rather than echo you, it'll just ask for clarification.

(The bot is still in beta.) Amy is engineered using vertical AI, meaning it won't just spit back out what humans feed into it.

For instance, users can order flowers by chatting with the 1-800bot, get weather information from Poncho, a cool cat in a hoodie, read the latest news from CNN, and get documents and photos printed via HP’s HP Print Bot.

In the thirteenth century, legend spread that a Dominican bishop named Albertus Magnus had built an Iron Man to guard his chamber.

It stood at the entrance, hearing the petitions of visitors and either allowing them an audience or not, until one day, the bishop’s protégé, a young St.

The offensive tweets appear to be a result of the way that the account is made.

When Microsoft launched “Tay Tweets”, it said that the account would get more clever the more it was used: “The more you chat with Tay the smarter she gets”.

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There is a race to develop chatbots in Silicon Valley.

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