Updating realmlist

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Also, the WLA does not request any money nor ask for bank details from players etc.

The WLA is taking what action it can to stop these scammers.

Hello there, We would like to inform the community that we are hotfixing the small issues that are arising with the release of the new Raid and dungeons, because even with many Beta tests behind, it was expected to receive some reports during the release on Algalon, our main priority is to have the most po...

Do you want to see some images and videos from our players?We’ve had the most successful server release of history, our population is on a continuous rise; every single day we have many new people finding us by various methods, mostly interested in our quality and our homely community.Currently retail players seeking to revive the WOTLK experience again have joined us, not to mention people from other private servers looking for the best quality scripts and blizzlike feel.Realms are always online with only a few minutes of downtime due to a backup or a restart ▪ Website.The Eternal-Wo W custom launcher makes it easy for you to change the realmlist for our server.

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What is happening is that some anti-virus programs do not like the way . In order to resolve this issue, you need to add an exclusion for this program in your anti-virus. First open your anti-virus program's control panel.